Mar Ephraem Entrepreneurship Development Cell is focused on creating an inspirational entrepreneurship and innovation culture amongst all segments. Especially youngsters, leading to creation and growth of large number of innovative businesses, especially in the manufacturing sector. Our IEDC supports to start ups, tanning and mentoring on budding & existing entrepreneurs.

Events Organised

Orientation Programme on Entrepreneurship(Interaction with E-Cell Members) 09-02-2019 63 E-Cell members
One day workshop on Communication and Leadership Training 09-03-2019 58 Students
Industry Institutional Interactive Program 29-12-2018 Faculties
Challenge Identification Competition 22-01-2019 224 Students
Seminar on How to Identify a Great Business Idea 19-12-2018 72 Students
Idea Scouting 25-02-219 67 Students
Robotics Automation Competition 19-04-2019 23 Students
Idea Pitching Contest 26-04-2019 71 Students
Science and Technical Exhibition 16-03-2019 & 17-03-2019 Students from 36 schools
Entrepreneurship Awareness camp (EAC) 6th September to 8th September, 2018 87 CSE, ECE & EEE Students
Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) 9th, 10th Nov and 12th Nov. 2018 81 Mech & Civil students
Entrepreneurship Awareness camp (EAC) 5th December to 7th December 2018 76 First year students