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1. Availability of faculty 2 minutes prior to the commencement of each class
2. Audibility of faculty’s Voice and Teachers control over class
3. Capability of communicating in English
4. Initiatives taken for slow learners through remedial classes and advanced learners through training of competitive examination/ placement questions

5. Coverage of syllabus and additional contents within given time
6. Providing inspiration and positive energy to students
7. Applicability/relevance to real life situations and integration of content with other courses

8. Reference of other books, journals, magazines and NPTEL videos in class
9. Clarifying doubts inside and outside classroom
10. Ability to use digital technology devices in classroom
11. Involving students during lecture through interactions
12. Addition of relevant topics required for Industries (Content Beyond Syllabus) and sharing current technologies and updates in class

13. Ability to design quiz/test/mini project/assignments/self-learning content/industrial visits to evaluate students understanding